Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Update :3

Hi Baby-cakes!! I'm in a better mood today/night! I got some really good news regarding my college life! I'll be going to the Academy of Art University in SanFran except it'll be online! OMG you guys really dont know how happy I am!

So how I kinda convinced my mom I should go was more like the help of the school sending me this disc on what its like to go to that school and shows you all the different types of classes they have. (I'm going for Illustration.)

My mom fell in love. She also like the bit were they talked about how awesome the online program was. Then she said "This school is really awesome. And the Tuition is good too!"

Couple days later while im playing Mass Effect 3 she drops the best damn bomb I could have heard.
"I want you to go to the Art University place!"

I was like: OAO for reals?
and she was like: yup yup
And then me being all dramatic and chizz I spazed out and rolled on the floor and crap haha

So yeah thats the school I'll be going to! Which also means I'll be getting a new wacom Tablet! I used to have one almost a year ago. But it broke and I have been doing traditional drawing ever since D;. I love digital art! I was even getting used to the whole coloring thing (which I was having such a hard time with.)!

And in hopefully two years I'll be able to be a freelancer and make money selling my graphic novels!

NOW! on to Gal stuff! :3

I have been kinda in a rut. You know looking for ways to keep a acne free face, looking for styles that really interest me, and i haven't really been inspired at all really. The last makes i did where for dinner with my mom and step dads friends and it was Gal I had my top lashes on but no lenses. Did all the basics but idk here's a pic:

Ignore my horrid acne and my chub >3> lol.

But yeah. I love Rokku but I like casual clothing so I think I'm going to tweak it and do Rokku-Kaji (wait can i add Kaji onto Rokku like that? Idek cause I think Kaji is casual or something like that >,>.)

So yeaaah. Oh I also wanted to show you guys some simple things I recently bought.

So here's a pink wig I got its almost the length of my real hair! which is good because I wanted to see what I looked like with pink hair. And since I'm not a pro at Photoshop I just bought this wig!~

Look at it!! Its beautiful right?! I know its a men's wig but who gives a fudge brownie!
I cant wait to get it! I think it will be here in 2 weeks, I think haha. I can see so many cute hairstyle possibility's with this wiggu! Im really happy!

Now I bought these contact lenses after doing so much research on them. There are the GEO Angel Blue.
I feel in love with them after some one suggested I check out the Geo Angel Grey or whatever.
Here is a piccu:

Look how awesome they go with brown eyes! GAAAW!! I cant wait to get these!!! I have been dying to get my hands on a different color lenses that weren't green. Blue was was my obvious choice since I have a subtle pink and a sexy brown. haha.

OH and HoneyColor is having FREE SHIPPING world wide!!

Im kinda late in letting you guys know about this considering the sale ends today July31. I just bought mines yesterday haha! ^ ^' which was dumb because there's a theme going on in the Black Gyaru's of the world Facebook group and I want to be a part of it but i dont think i'll make it with my blue lenses haha.

But yeah. Thats the newest update on my life+Gal life haha. It's late and I should be getting to bedz. hope you guys have a good Tuesday! I think I updated last week and i held up my deal on once a week update so thats what I'll keep up!


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