Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Update :3

Hi Baby-cakes!! I'm in a better mood today/night! I got some really good news regarding my college life! I'll be going to the Academy of Art University in SanFran except it'll be online! OMG you guys really dont know how happy I am!

So how I kinda convinced my mom I should go was more like the help of the school sending me this disc on what its like to go to that school and shows you all the different types of classes they have. (I'm going for Illustration.)

My mom fell in love. She also like the bit were they talked about how awesome the online program was. Then she said "This school is really awesome. And the Tuition is good too!"

Couple days later while im playing Mass Effect 3 she drops the best damn bomb I could have heard.
"I want you to go to the Art University place!"

I was like: OAO for reals?
and she was like: yup yup
And then me being all dramatic and chizz I spazed out and rolled on the floor and crap haha

So yeah thats the school I'll be going to! Which also means I'll be getting a new wacom Tablet! I used to have one almost a year ago. But it broke and I have been doing traditional drawing ever since D;. I love digital art! I was even getting used to the whole coloring thing (which I was having such a hard time with.)!

And in hopefully two years I'll be able to be a freelancer and make money selling my graphic novels!

NOW! on to Gal stuff! :3

I have been kinda in a rut. You know looking for ways to keep a acne free face, looking for styles that really interest me, and i haven't really been inspired at all really. The last makes i did where for dinner with my mom and step dads friends and it was Gal I had my top lashes on but no lenses. Did all the basics but idk here's a pic:

Ignore my horrid acne and my chub >3> lol.

But yeah. I love Rokku but I like casual clothing so I think I'm going to tweak it and do Rokku-Kaji (wait can i add Kaji onto Rokku like that? Idek cause I think Kaji is casual or something like that >,>.)

So yeaaah. Oh I also wanted to show you guys some simple things I recently bought.

So here's a pink wig I got its almost the length of my real hair! which is good because I wanted to see what I looked like with pink hair. And since I'm not a pro at Photoshop I just bought this wig!~

Look at it!! Its beautiful right?! I know its a men's wig but who gives a fudge brownie!
I cant wait to get it! I think it will be here in 2 weeks, I think haha. I can see so many cute hairstyle possibility's with this wiggu! Im really happy!

Now I bought these contact lenses after doing so much research on them. There are the GEO Angel Blue.
I feel in love with them after some one suggested I check out the Geo Angel Grey or whatever.
Here is a piccu:

Look how awesome they go with brown eyes! GAAAW!! I cant wait to get these!!! I have been dying to get my hands on a different color lenses that weren't green. Blue was was my obvious choice since I have a subtle pink and a sexy brown. haha.

OH and HoneyColor is having FREE SHIPPING world wide!!

Im kinda late in letting you guys know about this considering the sale ends today July31. I just bought mines yesterday haha! ^ ^' which was dumb because there's a theme going on in the Black Gyaru's of the world Facebook group and I want to be a part of it but i dont think i'll make it with my blue lenses haha.

But yeah. Thats the newest update on my life+Gal life haha. It's late and I should be getting to bedz. hope you guys have a good Tuesday! I think I updated last week and i held up my deal on once a week update so thats what I'll keep up!


Friday, July 20, 2012

:( Life stuff blah

Hi every one! gah its been a while huh. Well..
im a terrible blogger haha. But i'll try to get better.

Anyway this isn't really Gal related. Its kinda a life post.

So my step dad has just came back from his what 3 month(?) job. You'd think I'd be happy right? ya'know since he's been there for me more than my real dad but i'm not. 

But my step dad is a jerk. And i mean sometimes i think he means well but the other times its really just mean. And i'm a really sensitive person but i can hide my emotions very well.

But i wont get into all the stuff i hate about him. It's just to long.
So like i was saying you'd think i'd be happy to see him but im not.
I wish he could go back to work and leave Colorado. 

I mean the house is soo much better with him not here! But his stupid job laid him off so now he's stuck here until he decides to choose another job to do.

Okay enough of him.

I also wanted to talk about my college/future.
So I'm not going to Art institute. I want to go to the Art Academy in San Fran.
It caters to my dream job which is becoming a Graphic Novelist. I had such confidence in that school. But now my parents are like lets go look at this school (community College of Denver and Community College of Aurora).

I dont want to go to CCD. Just, NO. But CCA has a coarse which also caters to
me and my future career. But i have fallen in love with San Frans Academy art school. I'd have to go online which is awesome for me cause i can get a job and actually work around college. GAAH

But thats all. Im just having a depressing day i guess. i'll blog more! i promise. maybe i should take it slow and blog once a week. then work my way up to multiple blog updates.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gyaru UPDATE! again XD

Hello guys and sorry for like no post in like a while!
Its just i have been stuck. And i have been playing video games everyday haha.

So in this post i think it i'll be an update. I know i know i do lots of updates but thats how it is~

So this update is mainly about my recent love for a new Gyaru style. I even got some gets that really work with it but i wont show them till later (meaning another post).

Okay so let me introduce you guys to my new lovely style


Squeee!! Okay okay your probably wondering "Wait... didnt you make a post about you doing Oraora/Tsuyome?"

And i did. But (and this may sound stupid but) i kept getting lost. Let me explain.

OraOra and Tsuyome just wasnt it. I looked through my wardrobe saying oh yeah i got some stuff for this coord and blahblah. I really had to sit down and think...."what am i going to wear?"

It was hard for me to find something to wear because i realized OraOra is casual/tough but it has colors like black gold white and grey. i have those colors but i wasn't happy with the look. i felt boring i felt as if i wasnt standing out enough.

So then i thought okay well Tsuyome can still wear color. i mean look at some tsuyome coord pics. they kinda got some color going on(haha excuse my over use of the word 'stuff')

So then i thought "ill just get back into Tsuyome and focused on that."

BUT then i went to Rue21 and lemme tell you guys. That Fucking place is amazing! okay?! Like i think every style of Gyaru is in that store.  >_>'

Back on topic

I went into Rue21 and saw sooo many colors! I was like "YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS"

but then i was like "aawwwhhh" cause at the time i was following the guidelines of OraOra.

So then i just said "fuck it im going Amekaji" and alas i remembered it was lots of baggy clothing and Cocolu stuff haha excuse my over use of the word 'stuff'). so then i was like you know what whatever! I'ma buy what ever i want and figure it out later.

I think that covers the story behind my style change :>

So i figured Haaady is like a Punk version of B-gal and a more casual/rock version of Amekaji.

SO you guys ready for some inspo piccies? haha i hope so cause theres a lot and even some of my new fave model Kaoru Watanabe! <3<3

Kaoru is in some of those but heres some individuals c:

GAH i loove that last two pics!!!! i dont know whether to dye my hair purple or piiinnnnkkk gaaaahhh!! XD

I believe Kaoru is the one who created Haaady by creating JSG.
Im not sure i only read that once so dont kill me.

Tell me what you guys think? (not about the hair) but the style! i know im a very bouncy person. But i haven't found my gyaru self yet and im hoping this is it.

Tomarrow im planing on putting together a coord w/o shoes. since tomarr/today since its sooo late haha.

And i promise to start blogging more!!


Oh and some of this pics were taken from others blogs. >_> i dont know why people tag there blog on mag scans... makes no sense considering the fact that the scans are everywhere.

But anyway Goodnight! im going to bed! sweet dreams <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The road to a healthy Chirisu

Hi Guys! Im back :DD

Today i have a more healthy/life post~

So today im changing how im eating at how i'll be taking care of my skin
(especially my face since i use a lot of make up than i used to 3 months ago)
and my body ;O

So first i'll start with this home remedies i found on the interweb about minimizing pores/cleaning them out.

Its more of a mask which i wanted to find a looong time ago.

So basically its a honey/lemon/egg white mask

I only leave it on for 20 mins

So far it feels great~

Now i also found out i should drink more water because i do have oily skin and  it helps.

Ah~ by soda~ i'll miss yooooou ;w;

I guess i can drink you every once in a while but it will be a rare occasion!

Also! this means i have to cut down on fast food! which i don't eat much of anyway but i'll have to cut it out even more (lol i wont lie i love fast food. Especially Burger King <3).
Which also means that im going to have to start cooking!

Im probably gonna eat lots of ramen! lol don't judge me i loooove ramen!
So its time to start looking up tutorials (not just on ramen but some other things :D).

I'll also start finding foods that are healthy and good for my body so i can lose some weight.

I gotta work out ya know!

All my fave idols are nice and fit and i don't want to be super skinny. no. i like being thick. i just wanna be thick and curvy and flat in the right area. THE STOMACH. >:I i feel that the working out i have done is getting me there but eating right will definitively help :D

Now on my job status!

I am currently unemployed!
Gaaah which sucks so much because i want sooo much and im tired of depending on my parents all the time. And i'd like to give back to them someday!

I have never worked in my life!

I know this is going to sound like im spoiled (which i wont lie. I am.)
But they have pretty much covered everything in my life. I have earned pretty much all the things i have in my possession. LOL don't get my parents wrong they will not get me anything unless i have proved to be worthy haha

But since im out of high school and still haven't found a school i want to go to i think im going to start working.

I have been thinking about my skills and what im good at. I couldn't be a waitress/bus boy/girl cause i cant stand touching peoples food. unless its mine haha.

I cant work as a cashier cause im really bad at math and i know the cashier thing is like preset but sometimes your gonna have to use that calc in your brain and i just aint got it LOL.

I'd probably would be good at (if i were to work at Target or something)
organizing/putting items back on shelves and helping customers find stuff. I can freaking vision my self doing that stuff. im good with organization *o* and with people :D

so hopefully i can get a job at Target, Walmart (even though all the bad stuff you hear with them), Toys-r-us (omg yess~) or even some grocery store XD

Wish me luck?

well see ya later!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Wig+Circle Lenses= Happiness~

Hi everyone!! Its Chirisu with an update on stuuuufff~
Well since school has been out i have to say i have been rather lazy!!
And i regret nothing!!!

So Lets get on to my gets :P

Okay so maybe the last two weeks in May (or the last three weeks in may) I have been buying some stuff c:

I bought a 40 pair of lashes and a 10 pair of bottom lashes! I couldn't pass up such a deal so i bought them. 
Then I bought some circle lenses cause you know i thought it was time to get a new pair~
I got the GEO Nudy Pink.

And uh lemme say they are awesome!
Also i got a blond (Honey Blond) Wiggu <3
And at first i was so nervous to put it on cause i though i would look so stupid with it on.
But once i did i fell in love with it. 
Here's a pic:

I took this pic today fyi c:
What do you guys think? how do i look with a Blond Wiggu?
Here's one with black/brownish hair:

I posted this on the Black Gyaru page and got some lovely advice on my eyeshape <3
Im not good at making both sides of my eye makes even haha! but with practice comes perfection! :D

Heres another pic i took:

haha can there be a Gangster Gyaru or is that just Yankii? Lolol idk XD
Lol Here's the clean one:

Lol im stupid right XD

Okay one more picture and im done cam whoring myself :3

Yah see ma nails? cute right? (Soon...i'll learn how to deco my nails)i got them done today at the shop With my mom and my GramGram c: It was a family day <3 i wish i could've took pics to show you guys ;w; but oh well.

but thats all for today <3 
its late and i should head to bed so night night ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Graduating/GAL Inspo's :D

Hello everyone! Im back! Woot right? no okay well anyway lets get started cause this is gonna be loooong!

First off i wanted to inform you guys that i have officially...



So i graduated on Monday of this week and i felt great!
I felt so relieved from stupid high school! I finally get to start my life! weird? no no its not weird its awesome!
With high school out the way i have gotten alot of time to actually think about where i'd like to go for college.

here's a pic of ma cake :3

My first choice was going to Community College of Aurora (CCA). I was going to go there because they have a comic book class i could take. But then i was second guessing it. I later find out i had some how gotten a scholarship from this college called Art Institute. I was freaking out! So me and my mom decide we would head down to AI to see if it was really true.

Okay so we head down there and find out its really cool! I mean i was never going to go to that school because i thought i wasn't good enough for it. But we talked to this admin guy named David (which i have to say was smoking hot)

He said he had to look into the scholarship thing. (which i think it meant i didn't get it.) But he started asking me what course id like to take. I told him Graphic Design cause thats what i thought i would do in any weird college. So he showed me around and the place was beast! i mean you actually had a choice between PC or MAC. LOL i was like "PC FO LYFE" in my head.

ANYWAY come to find out i actually like the place and want to go there. So we sign up and all that crap. Later on that day i was thinking of the animation room he showed me. I was like how cool would it be to be a animator for like Cartoon Network or something like that! lol. But yeah thats all for my future life in school.


SO i decided to kinda change my sub-style again haha 

I found a love for OraOra , D.I.A, KuroGal, Manba, Rokku. I still love Tsuyome! its still what inspires me :D.

Speaking of inspo. Here's some that i have found c: and love to death:

Cocona/Serina's Eye make <3<3<3<3


Maichapi's Coords <3<3<3<3
here's a couple more :3

nice right? :D

Here's Yayo's eye makes/ make in general that i love c:

Here's Risa's Coords that i lovelovelovelove!!!

I love her body shape <3

Here's some random Inspo's that i like :D

Okay thats enough of the Inspo haha! okay lastly i just wanted to put my gyaru make today up here c:

I should buy a new awesome hat one like that but better XD
Anyway Critique, Comment, and BaiBai <3

Thanks for reading such a long thing! i had fun typing it! Now its Nighty Night haha ;3